Hey I'm Taylor Dorsett and I talk for a living

About me

I'm the Director of the Chicago Branch of Talent Solvers, an improviser and performer, and a former NCAA DII wrestler.

I love podcasts.

I do comedy and make art.

My favorite movie is a three way tie between John Carpenter's The Thing, Alien, and When Harry Met Sally.

Taylor 528 min


I run the Chicago branch of Talent Solvers a recruiting agency based in Denver.

As the Director I run a recruiting team that focuses on helping companies in Chicago hire their next CTO, VP, Manager, or Senior Engineer.

If you are interested in connecting about recruiting or career management help feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


f you are looking for a charity organization to support I recommend PrathamRoom to Read, and The Neo-Futurists.


I try to respond to all emails. Let's talk.

I don't have very many social media accounts. Sorry we can't connect on instragram, snapchat, or neopets.