Hey I'm Taylor Dorsett and I talk for a living

About me

I'm the Director of Career Management at Actualize Coding Bootcamp, Technical Recruiting Manager at JW Michaels & Co, a former NCAA DII wrestler, comedy/art person, and podcast lover.

I like making lists.

I love helping people make impactful life changes.

I fall asleep watching Alien or The Thing once a week.

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I'm currently the Director of Career Management for Actualize Coding Bootcamp. I oversee all job search related efforts for our graduates and alumni across our NYC, SF, and Chicago offices and our online program. During the day I work as the Technical Recruiting Manager in Chicago for JW Michaels & Co. I run a recruiting team that focuses on the Mobile Development and QA Automation market. 

I work at JW Michaels during the day and Actualize after hours. Earlier in my career I spent close to two years with Motion Recruitment Partners in a variety of recruiting and sourcing roles.

If you are interested in connecting about recruiting or career management help feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


If you were paying attention earlier I wrote that I like to make lists. I enjoy cataloging my life. Here are a few of my favorite lists:

My personal movie collection rating system google sheets

My home library and rating system google sheets

My box pizza review google sheets

I have a very long list of books I'd like to own. If I've done something for you in the past and you never got to say thank you consider sending one of these books my way:  Link to a amazon wishlist of books I want

If you are looking for a charity organization to support I recommend Pratham, Room to Read, and The Neo-Futurists. They are all close to my heart.


I try to respond to all emails. Let's talk.

I don't have very many social media accounts. Sorry we can't connect on instragram, snapchat, tumblr, or neopets.