Improv Thoughts #8 - Object Work

Taylor blog

Taylor Dorsett

Published 01.22.18

Learn how to do object work. It's mime. Learn how to set your hand on a table or a bar counter or against a window and remember it. Practice in the shower. Practice on the bus. It's not that hard and a tiny bit goes a long way. It's incredibly helpful for setting up a scene.

If you can walk into a scene and set your hand down on a bar with any amount of skill you've already created a world that the audience can see. If you can stare out a window longingly while pressing your hand against it you don't even need to speak for the audience to feel the emotion. All it takes is practice.

Call yourself out on it. If you are holding something in a scene and you forget and are using both hands to do something else call yourself out once you're done. "Oops I dropped my briefcase." You will break the suspension of disbelief and it will take the audience out of the moment and your teammates don't like it which are all the reasons you won't make that mistake next time. Well maybe eventually you won't make that mistake. Publicly shame yourself. Plus if you call yourself out on dropping things at least it's a interesting character trait.