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I took my first programming class in high school, loved it, copy pasted my way through making a Worf whack a mole game. Then I got banned from using school computers for crashing the shared drive by saving a word doc with my name it in a googol number of times.

I went to college to wrestle and stumbled into being a Theater major. At the tail end of my time in school improv and stand up comedy was all I cared about. I got a BA in BS. One day when I was taking off my tap shoes and putting on my wrestling shoes I realized my life was a Disney Channel Original Movie.

I moved to Chicago and started Technical Recruiting because it paid more than working at Chipotle, my only other job offer at the time. Turns out performing in front of hundreds of people during college and getting my head beat on for eight years wrestling prepared me well for making cold calls.

After years of working in Recruiting, I realized that I wanted to be on the other side of the table. I found myself enjoying in-depth technical conversations with engineers more than my sales calls. I worked as a Technical Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, on-site client recruiter, Recruiting Director and opened my own recruiting office. I'd done everything I wanted to in recruiting and I longed a career that challenged me intellectually on a daily basis.

I'd previously worked at Actualize Coding Bootcamp as the Director of Career Management and saw how many of our graduates were normal people who, like myself over the last few years, were not satisfied with their current career. I signed up for the a course, dove into JavaScript and Ruby, and haven’t looked back since.

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Where were you born?

  • South Carolina. But I am not a fan of the south.

Where did you grow up?

  • Vermont. I love Vermont and if I could stand living in a small rural area again I'd probably move back.

Why coding?

  • I'm chasing the dragon. I want that feeling I had when I made Worf's head pop out of the starship enterprise programming for the first time in high school.