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5 Sci-Fi Books I Enjoyed - You might like them too

I devour Sci-Fi books. If I had to read one genre alone for the rest of my life it would be sci-fi books. I love the world-building, the vastness of space, and the endless number of stories that can be told.

In the past, I judged myself for reading fun sci-fi instead of more intellectual books. Phooey. I'll get around to Flanagan's Wake eventually. For now, I'll read what I like.

Here are 5 reads I enjoyed that you might like:

  1. Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card First I'll say OSC is a homophobic piece of shit. Do not buy this book firsthand unless you can also donate an equal or greater amount to an LGTBQ+ organization. Second, this is a spectacular book about understanding others, their flaws included, and tackles space in a way that is incredibly refreshing. It's better known sister book, Enders Game, is more fun. Speaker will stick in your head longer. I'm shocked by how a book that preaches knowing and understanding others who are unlike us was written by someone who does not seem to understand that in their own life.
  2. Hyperion by Dan Simmons I believe this to be the sci-fi Lord of the Rings. The greatest story ever told in space. I read the book at 24 over a few days and I still think of it often. There will likely never be a TV show or Movie so the only way to experience this masterpiece is on the page. Think Canterberry tales but in space. Give it a try. I love the sequels as well. Yes all three of them. And the short stories.
  3. The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell A stunning book that deals with a lot of the smalls details many sci-fi books choose to skip over. The book unfolds beautifully. This book is a part of the sci-fi canon but it seems to be overlooked by many. If linguistics and very different worlds are your kind of thing this is a must-read.
  4. Blind Sight by Peter Watts The only hard sci-fi book you will find on this list. I am not particularly fond of that sub-genre but Blind Sight does it for me. Not a tremendously difficult book but the prose does not hold your hand. If The Sparrow brings you to a new world with unknown rules and cultures Blind Sight takes you to a new universe. The entire book will have you on edge. This one flies under most radars so you may have to dig to find a copy.
  5. A Canticle for Leibowitz A book that feels like a near-future at times. The story of what could happen if our leaders fail us and the world goes to chaos. The past becomes the future. An example of that thing Sci-Fi does so well, giving you just enough details of the world to hook you.


  • I don't know who I'm kidding. I'm more likely to see the live production of Flanagans Wake than ever crack that doorstop of a book open.
  • Most of these books have heavy religious themes. My Southern Baptist upbringing may still influence the types of stories I engage with.
  • If you enjoy Sci-Fi or Fantasy books but have a hard time finding books you like check out this list NPR made: