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Golden Son - Pierce Brown - Book Review

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3 of 3 - Read in 2020

What I liked the most:

Darrow takes risks. Some pay off and some blow up in his face. He's flawed and makes decisions that could make him unlikable. The book isn't worried about showing a complex world view.

What I liked the least:

The foreshadowing of mistake that will be costly and betrayals are very heavy-handed. The book gets into a rhythm of success or near success followed by a shocking downfall. By the end of the book it is a bit routine.


The second book in the Red Rising Trilogy promised greater stakes and space battles. It delivers on that to some extend. Our small group of notable graduates from the institute all have some form of success and raise to a place of power quickly. It makes me question what the older Golds who in theory are as smart as our crew are doing with their time. The battles are good. Higher tech versions of the first books. The space fights are scares but they deliver for the most part. Characters continue to develop and change and that is what drives this book.

As noted the rhythm of ups and downs gets a bit predictable but in a world of hyper-smart people plotting to gather more and more power, it makes sense that plans with often be shattered.