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Red Rising - Pierce Brown - Book Review

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3 of 3 - Read in 2020

What I liked the most:

Red Rising doesn’t pull punches when it comes to harsh societies. The main character kills other and countless are killed along the novel’s length. It feels more real than other novels in the genre where it’s rare when an “on-screen” death happens.

What I liked the least:

The very start. Just another tragic origin story that will drive the character for 3 books.


Red Rising is an incredible start to the Rising trilogy. I put off reading it for some time because I wasn’t ready to get sucked into another trilogy but once I opened the book I was hooked. It’s Enders Game mixed with The Hunger Games. I found the first third where Darrow’s body was being reconstructed the most appealing and wanted to spend more time in that world but the bulk of the book is set in The Institute where Golds fight Golds. I wish there was more reasoning behind why Darrow is better than everyone else, including the adults, other than his wife was killed and he worked on a drill but the backstory is about as good as you get from this type of jaunt. I’m excited to continue with the trilogy.